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Posted by dghidayat

Fall 2010 issue of the TIC's Crossroads Newsletter is now available. Download it today for updates on response to tree diseases, salt brine use for winter roads maintenance, weight limits on town road, worker safety, including upcoming training organized by TIC. Articles from the latest Crossroads have been integrated in the compendium database.

Posted by dghidayat

The Summer 2010 issue of the TIC's Crossroads Newsletter is now available.  Download it today for updates on intersection signage, invasive species, bidding, including upcoming training organized by TIC.  Articles from the latest Crossroads have been integrated in the compendium database.

Link to the Summer 2010 issue at TIC website http://epdfiles.engr.wisc.edu/pdf_web_files/tic/crossroads/xrds_2010_3.pdf

Posted by Dan Kleinmaier

"USA Today was among the first to sound the alarm that the nation's paved roads were ripped up and turned to gravel in a Feb. 4 piece hedlined "Tight Times Put Gravel on the Road." Bloomberg BusinessWeek got its piece of the story in April with "In North Dakota, a Rebirth of Gravel Roads," and the Wall Street Journal contributed "Roads to Ruin: Towns Rip Up the Pavement" on July 17."

Posted by dghidayat

From the article: "Minneapolis—Many urban streams have become salty enough to harm aquatic life, largely because of salt used for deicing roads in the winter, according to a new government study. The U.S. Geological Survey studied urban streams and groundwater for levels of chloride, a component of salt, in 20 states spanning from Alaska to the Great Lakes and Northeast. It found chloride concentrations above federal recommendations designed to protect aquatic life in more than 40 percent of urban streams tested.

Posted by dghidayat

"A new type of snowplow is making its debut in Wisconsin. In an effort to maximize snowplowing capabilities, two counties, Eau Claire and Marquette, will be experimenting with “ TowPlows.” The plows are pulled as trailers by regular snowplows and have pivoting axles that allow the plow to shift to the right when in motion, giving plows the ability to clear more highway lanes in a single pass….TowPlows can clear a path about 20 feet wide compared to a typical width of about 14 feet for traditional snowplows.

Posted by dghidayat

"The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Southeast Region in Waukesha is issuing a reminder to all local communities and law enforcement agencies that it is the only agency with the authority to post “No U-Turn” signs on state highways, adding that local municipalities are required to consult with WisDOT before installing such signs even on connecting highways segments. At the beginning of 2010, a new law change (Act 97) took effect, permitting U-Turns at signalized intersections in Wisconsin unless prohibited with a posted sign.

Posted by dghidayat

Preventing small problems from growing bigger takes on significance in today's economy.  An article by Paul W Taylor from the May 2010 issue of the Governing magazine reminds us about the importance of good planning on maintaining road surface.  [read full article]

Posted by josh_admin

More than a half-million overweight trucks are allowed onto the nation's roads and bridges -- an increasingly routine practice that some officials say is putting dangerous wear and tear on an already groaning infrastructure.

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