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About the Local Roads Compendium

This Local Roads Compendium website is an internet clearinghouse for selected local roads issues important to the interests of local transportation stakeholders. With current strains on resources, it is imperative that transportation agencies make efficient use of available assets and existing communities of practice. This compendium will serve as a valuable resource for officials to quickly and efficiently access existing manuals, reports, articles, best practices, and projects pertaining to local roadway issues. The resource will allow easy access to documents, posted videos, training materials, and other information important to local agencies. 

Valuable information is currently scattered around the internet accessible from a variety of locations and search engines, some more visible than others. This project will consolidate the available information and maintain it, providing current and applicable content for the varied needs of transportation officials in a user-friendly format. Maintenance is an issue with current like-minded resource portals. Many links and information databases pointed toward are old, out-of-date, or simply not working. In order for the compendium to remain relevant in the ever-evolving field of transportation, it is critical the proposed website compendium receives quality maintenance attention.

What the content is about?

The content of the Local Roads Compendium is placed under the headings of Browse for Resources, Forum, News, and Training and Events. The links are located on top of every page on the compendium site.

  • Browse for Resources is the heart of the compendium site.  You can browse through our selection presented in a total of 29 resource topics and in 5 different categories: publications, design tools, policies and ordinances, experts, and videos.  All selections can be rated and commented upon by members, enabling them to note the helpfulness and relevance of each selection and to foster further discussion. 
  • Forum is where you can post any questions or concerns about Wisconsin local roads management. 
  • News is where you can share updates from current happenings related to local roads management.  It could be recent news on a bill about to pass or budget availability from the federal government.  Anything that you learn that you think is appropriate to share with your colleagues.
  • Training and Events is a list of activities happening in Wisconsin and/or the surrounding areas that might be of interest to you. 

Why is your participation important?

Local roadways serve as the “last leg of the trip” for most of the commercial and residential roadway use in Wiscosin.  Your participation in using this website will help build a community that shares in the responsibilities of local roads.  Together, this website hopes to develop into a critical resource, enabling its users the ability to maintain and keep an efficient system of local roads.  This website will facilitate discussion, develop training materials, share best practices on the successes and challenges, and address any other issues related to local roads.  Last but not least, this website will be a clearinghouse of many relevant aspects of local transportation, including ongoing construction and maintenance programs.  Being a member means you will contribute to the development of a rich and meaningful resource for local practitioners engaged in the construction and maintenance of local roadways.  Signing up for a membership will give you full access to the site and the ability to fully participate in this online community.

How can you contribute?

All content is accessible without becoming a member.  This way, visitors are able to stay up to date with, read, and learn about other’s experiences.  However, by becoming a member of this website, you will be able to share your experience with your colleagues, and enrich the content of this website.   Some features that are exclusive to members include:

  • The ability to submit a new selection for the resources section(subject to review by the content manager for copyright infringement, accuracy and consistency)
  • create and comment in the forum
  • post a news article
  • contact other users
  • publish a brief biography on this site

What can you contribute?

Basically anything related to local roads management can be shared through this website. The expectation is that this website can be a dynamic and rich resource for professionals and researchers involved in improving Wisconsin's local roadways.

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