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What are your thoughts on the current categories that have been created?

18 Mar 2010
Posted by wistrans

There might be some confusion on the potential overlap among categories and sub-categories in the Topical Areas section.  Please offer any suggestions or concerns on how we can make improvements.

the current structure of Topical Areas

We should have included this structure.  Would you agree or disagree?  Are sub-topics located in the right heading?  Would you suggest to move sub-topics to other headings?  Any thoughts you might have?

Bridge, drainage, culverts, and erosion control

  • bridge design and construction
  • bridge maintenance and inspection
  • drainage and methods
  • excavation and tunneling
  • erosion control
  • strom sewer/culverts/ditches

Pavement planning and design

  • pavement design
  • pavement management

Pavement construction

  • asphalt pavement
  • concrete pavement
  • aggregates rock and stone

Pavement maintenance

  • pavement cuts
  • sealcoats
  • crack-filling
  • pacthing
  • painting and striping
  • road markings

Freight transportation

  • freight impacts on local roads
  • freight planning on local roads
  • truck size and weight issues


  • on-street parking
  • parking structure (parking lots)

Pedestrian and bicycle

  • sidewalks
  • bike lane and bike path
  • safety
  • bike rack and other facilities

Road planning and design

  • road construction and inspection
  • access management
  • right-of-way
  • driveway permits
  • curb cuts
  • roundabouts
  • roadside and maintenance
  • gravel roads and shoulders
  • low volume roads

Road safety, traffic control, and management

  • traffic control
  • traffic signs
  • traffic signals
  • workzone
  • safety
  • intelligent transportation systems
  • interchanges and intersections
  • Street lighting

Road maintenance

  • Winter road maintenance (snow and ice control)
  • vehicles and equipment
  • equipment operations and maintenance
  • risk and liability
  • safety

Looks great!

I think that, in general, this hierarchy makes sense. However, it would be great if you could find a way to put sub-topic headers on the right under their associated topical area headers. Example - If someone were to select the Road Planning and Design Topic, this is what they would then see on the right side of the screen:

Topical Areas

Bridge, Drainage Systems, Culverts, and Erosion Controls
Freight Transportation
Pavement Maintenance
Pavement Planning and Design
Pedestrian and Bicycle
Road Maintenance
Road Planning and Design

         Access Management
         Curb Cuts
         Driveway Permits
         Gravel Roads and Shoulders
         Low Volume Roads
         Roadside and Maintenance
         Road Construction and Inspection
Road Safety, Traffic Control, and Management

I believe that doing this, if possible, would make more logical sense to folks.

Adam Smith (WisDOT staff)

The Topical Areas menu has

The Topical Areas menu has been improved.  Let me know what you think.

This makes more sense

Thanks for updating it. I think this will be easier to follow now.


We also are not satisfied

We also are not satisfied with the way the Topical Areas menu is displayed.  Your input confirms that there should be a better way to display this.  Thank you!  We will work on this.

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