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The Local Roads Compendium is developed collaboratively by Wisconsin Transportation Center (Wistrans) and Transportation Information Center (TIC) at the UW-Madison, and Local Roads and Streets Council within the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WISDOT).

Wisconsin Transportation Center (WisTrans) is a facilitating center in the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering focused broadly on transportation issues.  It is governed by a 25 member Strategic Advisory Committee consisting of members from public and private sector agencies and companies.  WisTrans, formally established in 2002 to coordinate transportation-related efforts at educational institutions in the state, sponsors a multidisciplinary Graduate Certificate program in Transportation Management and Policy through the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. The Center for Freight Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) is an important part of the WisTrans network.  CFIRE is one of 10 National Transportation Centers designated under SAFETEA-LU and is the only one dedicated to Freight Transportation.  [Contact Wistrans/CFIRE]

Transportation Information Center (TIC).  Every year Wisconsin municipalities spend one billion dollars to repair and replace roads and bridges.  There are nearly 100,000 miles of local roads in Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin Transportation Information Center (TIC) was created in 1983 to help local highway officials manage their road systems and this huge road budget.  The TIC offers training, publishes a newsletter (Crossroads) and technical bulletins, supports a pavement management system (WISLR) for local roads, and gives advice. It collects videos and printed materials which it loans or sends to local officials.  [Contact TIC]

Local Roads and Streets Council (LRSC).  The WisDOT secretary established the LRSC as an advisory body of local officials to address the continuing impact of federal and state policy changes on local transportation. Along with examining issues and developing recommendations on local road and street issues, the council attempts to foster a cooperative state/local partnership on local transportation issues and to ensure the continued efficient use of public funds. By establishing this website, the LRSC enhances and facilitates communication among various state associations and WisDOT.  For more details about LRSC, Please visit LRSC page in WisDOT website.  [Contact LRSC]

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